Poker Hand Nicknames: Everything You Need to Know List


January 3, 2023

In gambling, most poker hands have colorful names. It’s accurate! It’s possible that to you, they seem like a pair of sixes, but to a more seasoned player, they could look like “kicks” or “Route 66.” And in your opinion, what exactly are “Ace Magnets”? How about “Cowboy in Space” as a title? These are only a few examples, but believe us when we say that there are hundreds upon hundreds of more nicknames for poker hands.

It is thus beneficial to be familiar with the nicknames given to the various poker hands if you are interested in expanding your understanding of poker in general. Even while we won’t be able to include every single nickname that has ever been used, we can at least make an effort to throw some light on some of the most well-known nicknames that are currently being used for poker hands.

List of Top Poker Hand Nicknames

Various hands may be given distinct nicknames while playing different variations of poker or when playing online poker. As a result, the majority of our attention will be directed at the most common nicknames for hands that are used in the game of Texas Hold’em (but not limited to just that poker variant).

Pairs for Your Pocket:

Let’s begin with the poker pairings, shall we? Any two cards in your hand that have the same rank and value are considered to be pocket pairs. In the game of poker, which monikers for pocket pairs are regarded to have the highest level of popularity among players? Here are several.

Pocket Aces (AA):

This nickname comes from the fact that the letter “A” resembles a rocket, and it was given to pocket aces because of this similarity.

  • This pocket ace has been given the nickname “Batteries” because of the “AA” sign that may be seen on specific types of batteries.
  • The game of craps is where the moniker “Snake Eyes” originated. Hitting a pair of ones is referred to as “Snake Eyes” in craps, which is one of the most well-known and widely played dice games in the whole world.

Pocket Kings (KK):

Ironically, the moniker “Ace Magnets” refers to the Pocket Kings, sometimes known as “KK.” To be more specific, you would like not to see a pair of aces since they are the only pair that can defeat your hand.

  • It is not entirely clear how the term “Cowboys” came to be used, although one theory is that it is because the phonetic “C” in “cowboys” sounds the same as the “K” in “kings” when the words are said aloud.

Pocket Queens (QQ):

This one is self-explanatory since possessing a pair of queens in your hands indicates that you have the only pair of cards in the deck that features women.

Pocket Tens (TT):

This is a reference to the fact that when you pronounce “T and T” out loud, it sounds like the acronym “TNT,” which is the sign for dynamite. Hence, the moniker “Pocket Tens (TT) Dynamite.”

  • This poker hand has been given the moniker “Train Tracks,” which is an instance of alliteration (there are two Ts in the name), but it may also be a reference to the railroads that operated in the Old West.

A-X Poker Hand Nicknames:

If you don’t have pocket aces or kings in your hand (as it were), then a combination that includes an ace, such as A-X, might be the next best thing.

Ace-King (AK):

Big Slick is a moniker that refers to the combination of your hole cards that you have while playing Texas Hold’em. On the other hand, if the current state of affairs does not change, it might be a slippery slope.

  • A reference to the fabled monarch of the round table, King Arthur is a pun based on the initials of the playing cards.
  • A combination of the phrases “Ace from Space” (which means “a timely ace”) and “Cowboy.”

Ace-Queen (AQ):

  • A mention of Shakespeare’s well-known play, “Antony and Cleopatra,” is included here (Anthony being the ace and Cleopatra being the queen).
  • The name Rocket Queen is a combination of the words “Rocket” and the word “queen,” as well as a reference to a well-known song by Guns N’ Roses.

Ace-Jack (AJ):

Blackjack is a common name for the card game blackjack, which is considered to be one of the most popular casino games. (By the way, have you ever been curious about how blackjack compares to poker?

  • In a different blog post, we compare and contrast the card games blackjack and poker; if you’re interested, feel free to check it out.)
  • The mashup term “hijack” comes from the fact that this hand contains both the highest card (the ace) and the jack.

K-X Poker Hand Nicknames

Although having a combination that includes kings is often desired as well, everyone’s goal is to possess an ace in their hand at some point. The following is a list of king pairings, along with their common nicknames:

King-Queen (KQ):

In this context, “marriage” refers to the queen and king cards being combined into one.

  • Divorce is another word for the same remark, but this one is reserved for when the hand in question is losing.
  • The word “throne” very much speaks for itself; both the monarch and queen sit on the “throne” together.

King-Jack (KJ):

  • This “backronym” moniker comes from the common usage of the abbreviation “jk” to stand for either “just kidding” or “joking.”

Q-X Poker Hand Nicknames

The question now is, what are some of the most well-known nicknames for the many queen hand combos? To provide just a few examples:

Queen-Jack (QJ):

This nickname is particularly well-known amongst professional poker players. It is often referred to as Hawaii. It is said that if you refrain from playing this hand for a year, you will have enough money saved up to take a vacation to Hawaii.

  • A straightforward portmanteau formed by combining the words “queen” and “jack.”
  • Cutie is short for Queen-Ten (QT), which may be derived by combining the sounds of the letters “Q” and “T” in a word.
  • Similar to the term “Cutie,” but with a few key distinctions, we have the “Q-Tip.”

J-X Poker Hand Nicknames

Even though jacks are not as powerful as aces, kings, or queens, poker hand combinations that contain this card may still carry quite a bit of a punch.

Jack-Nine (JN):

It is reported that T.J. Cloutier, a great figure in the world of poker, flopped three straight flushes in a single year.

Is It Difficult To Learn How To Play Poker Considering There Are So Many Different Names For Each Hand?

Following through on our promise, we have taken a look at some of the most well-known nicknames given to poker hands; yet, there are still hundreds more combinations that we haven’t even considered. (A Jack-Three may be named a “Lumberjack,” a Nine-Five might be called “Dolly Parton” because of her popular song and movie, and a Five-Four might be called the “Jesse James” because of the.45 colts that were used to kill him.).


So, While learning how to play poker may at first seem to be an insurmountable task, you may find it helpful to familiarize yourself with at least some of the slang terms that are often used in the game. A quick question: do you still recall the meaning of “Snake Eyes”? If you already know the answer, you’re already well on your way to solving the problem. However, even if you don’t, you can always go to this list and remind yourself of all the most common nicknames for poker hands. Don’t be concerned; if you don’t tell anybody, we won’t either.