How to Make Money with Online Games


December 25, 2022

It is your chance to earn money only by playing online games! Yes, you hear it right! Making a few bucks online involves a lot of fun more than before. If you are a game fanatic and love playing online games, you have the greater experience of playing and winning online games and earning money. It would help if you considered playing and getting paid to do whatever you enjoy.

Playing online games is the ideal way to make extra money and is fun. The fun overloads as a few individuals are even caught playing Scrabble online while waiting at the traffic lights. However, it is also a great way to add cash to your wallet.

Our post today will discuss a couple of fun and safer ways to make money by playing money games online. You can play games online from the comfort of your couch or sit on a bar stool or a chair and not get stuck in the traffic light.

Online Games That Pay Real Money

The list is endless in terms of choosing the online games that pay you some online game real cash. The following is a list of a couple of games that can help you earn a few bucks:

  • Word games
  • Fighting games
  • Arcade games
  • Casino games
  • Poker and card games
  • Strategy games
  • Slot games
  • And more!

Our post will also throw some light on the list of a couple of online earning games which you can check out now.

The primary thing involved in getting paid is selecting the proper platforms and games. You can bag many tokens; however, you cannot turn your winnings into online real money games in India, and it is solely to satisfy your ego like you are awarded a real trophy.

Do Online Games Pay?

You can play some of the best online cash games; however, it is too good to turn into a real fact!

The scheme is not only for the live-streamers who get paid for playing video games by their sponsors. It is also different from gaming tournaments, where you need to contribute your share of cash to play the games and gain a chance at being awarded the grand cash prize.

Scanty gaming mortals can start playing video games or even gaming apps on their smartphones, earning money and no live-streaming.

The primary aspect is getting paid and picking the appropriate platforms and games. With a couple of online games, you can earn several tokens; however, a mode of converting your winnings into real cash has yet to be made available. It is only for your self-conceit like you are getting your hands on the virtual trophy.

Types of Online Games that Pay Real Money

Video games only make direct payments. But you can win real money by playing video game tournaments, turning into a Twitch streamer, or farming out of the characters you have leveled up.

In one such ultimate case, Tyler Blevins, a superstar gamer famous for being considered a Ninja, had made around $10 million by playing video games online. He has greater fame on the YouTube channel and has become an active personality on social media. He had even published his own book on how to become a good gamer.

Additionally, online gaming in India is the most prominent way for professional gamers to win bigger jackpots. The previous year, more than $156 million was granted across 3,500 tournaments, being one of the top players earning around $4.2 million.

Several gamers are also earning money by becoming tester video gamers. You can easily get paid for the skills over the PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo consoles by working directly with the producers of the games to try out the beta versions.

There are online slot machines which is the other way to start earning money. They are generally available on both the website and mobile app. In a couple of instances, you have to buy to start playing the games; however, there are other times when you will start by making a deposit incentive by signing up.

About 8% of the users of smartphones are playing online casino games. However, you should find money-generating gaming apps which are a bit risky affair. Google starts by limiting access to real-money apps for gaming for Apple and Android’s app stores, which do not allow any rankings for the apps.

You should remember that when you play poker online, the real money never faces regulation of any kind from nationwide gambling agencies, and it is possible to start playing and winning over a couple of locations. For instance, a couple who had played for a couple of years started to earn an average of $3500 every month, which is sufficient to start covering the rent.

How Much Can You Make with Online Games?

The money you will start earning from these online games is based on a fusion of luck, time and gaming experience.

There are professional gamers who are live-streaming and have better sponsors who are making an average of $60,000 every year, and the top earners start earning around $15,000 hourly. Even a few luckier ones find work as professional testers for video games or video gaming journalists, making a sound salary of around $100,000 each year.

Non-professional gamers make a couple of thousand each year. You can sign up for the reward apps and get paid for new web games or the video game apps you are playing online.

There are entire variations of games that are available for you to try out with different rewards or prizing amounts. For instance, you earn around $0.50 to install a new gaming app and open it once.

You can start adding up some extra money by finishing many video game offerings all year round on these reward sites.

Several reward apps offer different payment options and redemptions that allow you to cash out using PayPal cash, Amazon gift card, check the mail or gift cards to other prominent stores.

Numerous eager games will start earning cash so that they enter into real-life gaming conventions or tournaments or even purchase new gaming equipment and video games.

How Do Games Pay Out?

Different gaming sites pay a bit differently. Therefore, you might wish to should lines before you start paying. Initially, you need to consider the payment types of the site. You can earn gift cards, prepaid credit cards, online currencies, or even a check.

Later, there are schedules for payments you should check out. Some sites start paying you whenever you request it, and others have weekly or monthly payment schedules. The rest of the sites need a specific amount before you cash out.

Top 5 Money-Making Online Games for 2023

1. Junglee Rummy

Junglee Rummy is a highly reliable rummy site having over 30 million players registered, frequently playing rummy online on the app or the website. It has highly-enhanced attributes with robust security infrastructure, and the platform even offers a globally reckoned gaming experience.

It offers various tournaments, while there are other opportunities for the users to start winning money in real-time. It offers 13/10/21 rummy card variations in points, pool, and deal rummy. The cash-earning game uses modern technologies to ensure that every player has equal opportunities to test their skills on rummy.

Junglee Rummy is easily accessible at any time and from any of the locations. Every data, money, account details, and other type of transaction on this platform are entirely secured and safe.

2. Dura Gaming

Dura Gaming is a prominent platform offering some of the best online games for earning money, especially in India. It is a great site offering a massive selection of games. The new players will easily earn INR 40 000 as a sign-up bonus.

The real money games are well-placed in their respective categories, and this website is excellent for high-stakes live gamers, with a plethora of VIP rooms.

You will face a tough situation to decide on while picking to play casino online in India. It is where Duragaming is, therefore. The platform has ranked as one of the top online casino for Indian gamers, as noted through numerous criteria that matters a lot to the players. It includes banking methods, securities, bonuses, customer support, games, and the gaming experience.

3. PlayerzPot

PlayerzPot App is an online platform showcasing a fantasy genre. It has an entire collection of the ideal cash-earning games in India, allowing you to earn real money by participating in fantasy leagues. It is the right platform for enthusiasts who wish to show off their knowledge and analytical skills in the best poker game to make money.

The PlayerzPot has over 3 million members who need the players to apply their analytical abilities and knowledge to win the matches.

You are offered an entire range of tournaments and leagues, joined by several unique options like hockey, fantasy cricket, basketball, hockey, and kabaddi. You can even start creating private leagues playing against your family and friends.

PlayerzPot is a secured and legal platform adhering to every standard operating method and protocol for offering users a unique experience. The IFSG, or Indian Federation of Sports Gaming, has recognized this platform as a Bronze member.

4. 10Cric

If you are searching for a premier online sportsbook, then you are in the right place as 10Cric is the most terrific game online, flocking with thousands of astonishing games to choose from. Along with conventional gaming, 10Cric offers live gaming experiences in which you are competing against professional vendors.

It is a prominent platform known for its promos, including weekly free slots and bonuses in the major sports leagues. Additionally, 10Cric’s online gaming section includes prominent Indian card games as it supports Indian currencies and payment options.

There are Indian gamers who can start enjoying their platform, having a massive collection of live games like Indian Roulette, while Unlimited Blackjack will start replicating the live gaming experiences. The site offers round-the-clock customer services with a massive range of payment options.

5. Howzat

Howzat is the fantasy football and cricket gaming platform offering the ideal real cash games in India, which helps you to design your team before each match. You can even start making real cash using the app, and you need to start forecasting the player and team performance.

You will start receiving points based on their performances if your selected player performs well in their matches, and you will gain a better opportunity to win some real cash prizes daily. It is the software best suited for you if you know much about football and cricket.

Howzat is a safer and more secure platform for enjoying and playing with the instant sign-up processes and payment options. The returning and the new players take better advantage of the several alluring, welcoming offers. It is also a real cash-earning game available for iOS and Android users.

Why Choose Duragaming for Online Games 

Duragaming is the perfect online betting website in India. You can check out this gaming portal for betting on Indian cricket, which offers online casinos to earn money. Their main objective lies in offering a robust gaming platform where there is no scope for any excuse. They even emphasize assuring that the platform is never financially endangering the life of anyone.

They better understand the risk of gambling addiction, and if it is not played under limitations, then there is a greater vulnerability involved. However, at Duragaming, you need not worry as they will make your path easier with the proper enlisted guidelines and tips. You can start playing the best poker real cash game and start making some instant cash.