Understanding Handicap Betting: A Complete Walkthrough


December 10, 2023

If you are a sports betting fan who is interested in increasing the amount of money you make from your wagers, then handicap betting is one definite method that you may accomplish this goal. There is a growing trend among individuals all over the globe to make the most of handicap betting since, in comparison to other types of betting, it often offers a higher potential return on investment (ROI).

About Handicap Betting :

To level the playing field, a handicap bet is one in which the team that is considered to be the underdog or less favorite is given a goal advantage. A goal deficit is also assigned to the team that is considered to be the favorite or the stronger of the two. The more powerful side must overcome the preset deficit to emerge victorious in this scenario.

  • When two teams fight against one another, the stronger team has a greater chance of winning every time. This results in a result that is rather predictable and boring. For this reason, punters need to be aware of Handicap betting explained in the context of betting and why it was developed in the first place: to make things more interesting. It inspires individuals to engage in more exciting wagering and to take their game to the next level.

Handicap Betting Advantages:

Betting on rank outsiders and raising odds are perks of handicap betting. A handicap bet offers less loss risk than betting on a team with such high odds they will lose. Handicap betting on strong favorites raises the betting odds. Handicap bet on practically every football, hockey, baseball, or American football event.

Benefits of handicap betting include:

  • Handicap betting might boost your odds. Because the handicap gives you an advantage over the bookmaker, you have a better chance of winning. This may be advantageous when one team is in a strong winning position.
  • The handicap may encourage wagers by giving a higher payout for a lower stake. Increase payouts to achieve this. Thus, if you win, you might make more than a traditional bet. Because you may wager on the underdog and the favorite, it gives you more flexibility than other forms. This means you can be paid regardless of the game’s outcome.
  • Many sports, including soccer, basketball, rugby, and tennis, provide handicap betting. This expands traders’ market options. Bettors have several markets to choose from.
  • Handicap betting may make games more exciting by letting bettors bet on the underdog and still win. This might make watching the game in real-time more thrilling and entertaining.
  • Handicapping adds excitement to a monotonous sport with just one team by offering alternative ways to wager on matches and increase the amount of money that may be won. Like any other kind of betting, you must research the teams before betting.

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Best Handicap Betting Strategies:

Improving your handicap betting outcomes requires using proven Handicap betting strategy. We have a vast understanding of this field and can provide you with proven techniques to give you an edge, such as a draw-no-bet approach:

  • Martingale: It is a martingale method. After losing, progressively increase your bets to recover. Using this method to overcome Effective handicap betting.
  • Arbitrage: An arbitrage betting approach is called that. Ensures financial stability by betting on many outcomes with multiple bookmakers. You may enhance your earnings by finding other handicap lines with better betting odds.
  • Win To Nil: The “win to nil” method predicts a team’s triumph without surrendering a goal. This strategy may be used to assess a team’s defense and see whether they can overcome the handicap by preventing goals.

Statistics and performance Handicap betting analysis are used to analyze teams’ past performances, goal-scoring records, and defensive abilities. This information might help you decide whether a team can cover the handicap line or if a half-time full-time strategy would be better.

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About Different Sports and Handicap Betting:

Players have several betting possibilities and winning amounts in sports betting. It employs Bitcoin for real-time payments and betting and is incredibly high-tech. New crypto gamers may find this daunting, but there are several online tools to explain bets and odds.

Here, we’ll help you learn how to wager on sports using Bitcoin and go over some of the most popular bets out there.

Money Line Bets:

Money lines are one of the easiest and most popular bets. The player chooses the winner of this bet. If they win, the better wins; otherwise, they lose. This depends on which team or individual is more likely to win. 

  • Money line bets usually have a favorite and an underdog. If the underdog wins, the reward is larger. An “even” or “pick ‘em” bet, when both sides have the same odds, is unusual.

A Handicap Bet:

A handicap bet is utilized by betting companies to even out the odds when one side has an obvious advantage. The winner is usually obvious in these encounters since one side is plainly superior.

  • In a handicap bet, participants bet on who will win and get the odds if the favorite wins. Due to the handicap, they must win by a particular goal or point. Sometimes called “beating the spread”.

Over/Under Bets:

Over/under bets are done on sports with definite scores, but you may also make them on games with clear statistics to anticipate. Players usually gamble on the total score.

  • One may also wager on the amount of soccer corners, basketball fouls, or football teams’ combined points. The player often mixes this bet with the money line bet and wins if both are correct.

Outright Bets:

Outright bets are easy and provide high returns. Players put this wager before a tournament or event. Bets are placed on who will finish it. Tournaments and betting services set odds based on past performances, making betting as easy as picking a team. 

  • Since bets are placed before matches, wins are usually considerable, and even the most one-sided sporting contests might surprise.

Parlyas or Combination BetsParlays:

Parlyas or Combination BetsParlays or combination bets are as they sound. The player mixes some of the aforementioned bets. These combos might occur in the same game, league, or sport.

  • For instance, users may bet on who will win a game and put an over/under bet on the actual score of the game. The slide is won if both results are positive. Bets may also be placed on the tournament winner and individual matches.

Reverse BetsReverse:  

In this “if-then” bets work both ways. They generally have four teams so players may wager on all conceivable outcomes when the teams compete. You must bet the same on all outcomes.

  • Tournaments and events with knockout stages often include these bets. Thus, players may cover all conceivable bets with one slip. The total is full after all wagers.

Teaser Bets:

Due to several bets on the same slip, a teaser bet is generally considered a parlay bet. 

Head-to-head wagers:

Head-to-head wagers are on an individual’s performance, not the event’s result. Without betting on who will win, participants may predict which tennis player will perform better in a competition.

These Handicap betting models or bets may also be placed on non-game-related events. Players may gamble on who will run more yards or get more rebounds.

Live Bets:

Live bets are similar to the others. They are live wagers on ongoing events. Most betting sites provide live bets on all of our selections.

Players may pay out before the live event on most betting platforms. Your cashout sum depends on how close you are to the finish and your odds of winning. This permits dynamic betting and player response to changes.


  • Players may wager on all game or event outcomes on one slip. A teaser bet allows the bettor to adjust the game’s point spread, making it easier to win.
  • The most typical football teaser is two teams, six points. This adds a second bet on the winning team’s handicap.
  • Prop Bet or PropositionProp or proposition bets are on exceptional events or scenarios that happen during a match but won’t impact the result. Bets may be placed on any event, and some platforms let participants suggest events.
  • Bets may be placed on a player’s assists or rebounds. Many gambled on the number of yellow cards or overtime length. None of these events affect the game’s result, therefore they may be combined with outcome betting.

Difference between European and Asian Handicap

Both handicap betting markets have similarities, but symbols, number variations, and match results vary. Each will be elaborated on below.

  • Symbols/Representations: One distinction between these two betting handicap strategies is how they employ symbols.Asian handicap betting utilizes non-integral symbols like ‘-1.5’ and ‘+1.5’ to add or deduct better and weaker teams based on talent.
  • European handicap: This betting employs ‘0:1’ ratios since it emphasizes comparable ability and delivers a draw score.
  • Variants in numbers: Other differences include how they employ a number of Handicap betting variations. Asian handicap betting uses quarter-ball, half-ball, and whole-ball handicaps, whereas European handicap betting uses just entire numbers.
  • Match Results: Finally, and most critically, match results distinguish these two.There are only two outcomes in the Asian handicap market: a home or away team lead. Three outcomes are available in the European handicap. Bettors may choose home, away, or draw.

Mistakes to Avoid in Handicap Betting:

Handicap betting is the latest trend. Line betting points betting, spread betting, and Asian handicaps are also possible. Handicap betting on many sports might be profitable depending on the bet , just follow Handicap betting tips for more benefits.

Handicap betting is straightforward to avoid Handicap betting risks, A bookmaker may equalize a sports match by deducting or adding players’ and teams’ points or goals. For examples, a 3.5 handicap in an NFL tie between two mismatched teams may need the favorite to win by at least 4 points. The probable loser may win the handicap bet with one to three points.

Handicap Betting:

This betting method is popular since it pays more and reduces risk for weaker teams. Bookmakers allow this form of Handicap betting in football, basketball, tennis, soccer, ice hockey, rugby, and etc.

  • When betting on the underdog, the handicap might help you cover your wager. Betting on the favorite might boost your earnings. Consider and avoid these typical handicap errors before playing.

Not researching enough:

Research is essential to betting success. You may get fortunate once or twice, but you must study to choose winning handicap bets. Before betting, check the form and other aspects to make the best choice.

Increasing the handicap to win more:

Punters are usually drawn to greater pots and more. The same goes for handicap betting. In this form of wager, betting by odds size is not recommended. Handicap bet criteria may be tough to meet.

  • Increasing your wager odds to win more can diminish your chances of winning by a large and possibly important amount.

Not understanding minimal needs:

You shouldn’t bet without knowing the rules. This also applies to handicap betting. Before betting, read the terms and conditions and go over any promotional handicap offers. This increases your chances of winning.

  • After Handicap betting calculations the handicap score, Asian handicaps provide stakeback incentives for draws. Most Asian handicaps are safer. Failure to comprehend handicap bet kinds might result in a losing bet.

Not considering regular betting:

Handicaps may be profitable and hazardous. Finding the appropriate handicap bet might be tough. Handicap betting is unnecessary if you cannot locate games you like.

If you take advantage of bargains and make good picks, regular games are as valuable as handicap betting.

Handicap Betting and Responsible Gambling:

Handicap Gambling: These gambling bets balance the odds of both teams or players winning an event. This is done by favoring one side. This might mean more goals or points. Sometimes called ‘the spread’.

Responsible Gaming Council:

The Responsible Gaming Council (RGC) minimizes gaming dangers via innovation, knowledge, and protection. Limit time and money. Gamble solely with entertainment funds. Bet what you can afford to lose. Avoid chasing losses and stop when necessary.


Sports betting offers several choices with Handicap betting systems. Players should understand how betting kinds vary. The probabilities of winning each bet are most essential. We may combine the bets for the same slip or event. This lets players balance,  Understanding handicap odds with crypto/Fiat earnings and make every bet more dynamic and intriguing. Bet wisely with durabet and keep to a budget regardless of the kind of bet.